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Hi, I’m Adam Morden.  I’m the owner of Alchemy CrossFit in Hamilton Ontario.   I’ve been involved with CrossFit since 2004, and I was the 82nd CrossFit affiliate worldwide.  I am passionate about fitness and living life to it’s fullest.

I’m married (Marla) with a young daughter (Amatiel) who is 4 years old and son (Akai) who is 18months  as I write this.  We currently live in Courtenay, British Columbia, having moved from Hamilton this last summer.  I’ve lived all over Western Canada, especially Southern BC and the Rockies.

I’ve had tons of weird life experiences so far, and they have all helped me grow into the person I am today.  I’ve been an punk kid hitchhiking and squeegeeing around the country, guided people climbing and mountaineering in BC and The Rockies, been a proud member of the Canadian Army, a wilderness survival consultant, props assistant, and stuntman for feature films and commercials, a safety diver for Paul Nicklen (Canadian and National Geographic Photographer) diving in BC and Nunavut, I bartended in Lagos Portugal, traveled throughout Europe, North Africa, and Central/South America, and had so many awesome experiences in the meantime.

Travel and “adventure” activities are a huge passion for me I love exploring new places and trying out new activities.  I started rock climbing at 4, and hiked the west coast trail first when I turned 9.  I was really lucky to be introduced to many of these awesome sports through my good friend Nick Boulding whose family owns and run Strathcona Park Lodge and COLT (Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training).

I guess that’s why I got into fitness and business and now helping other fitness professionals live a life of freedom.  I got sick of working my ass off just to get by – but now by building my own businesses I’m able to make money while I’m out hiking with my kids.