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Business mentoring for CrossFit Affiliates

I am passionate about to helping as many people as possible live extraordinary lives of health and fitness, so I Co-Founded RhinoFit gym and CrossFit management software. I aim to help Trainers focus on training while we provide gym back office automation, and scheduling and billing software.

Supporting other fitness professionals is an amazingly rewarding task and I absolutely love helping coaches and trainers exceed their business goals. I would love to help you develop your warehouse gym from a hobby into a thriving fitness business, through innovative marketing, branding, website, and software solutions as well as one on one and group CrossFit Affiliate business coaching. I’ve been a CrossFit affiliate for a long time – you can benefit from my experience and avoid my mistakes and achieve your business and lifestyle goals.

Some people don’t want to spend years in the trenches working their butts off for almost no money as they learn the tricks and tips that make the difference between an average warehouse gym and an abundantly successful one.  They want a little more guidance and coaching as they strive to make their affiliate as successful as possible in a short period of time. They want to learn from others mistakes rather than recreating them.

If that sounds like you – send me an email (adam@adammorden.com) and we can arrange a free strategy call to discuss your business and how I can help you become even more successful!  No pressure, no pitching – just a chance for the 2 of us to talk about your business and help you get to the next level.