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Managing CrossFit Affiliate Merchant Account Fees

Why worry about Merchant Account fees for your CrossFit Affiliate?

Saving a few percentage points on Merchant account fees might not seem like much when you’re first starting out, but as your CrossFit affiliate continues to grow and expand, little savings on each transaction can end up with a big increase in your cash flow. Read more

How to manage a CrossFit affiliate in a small space

I have a super small space – what should I do!

Don’t panic – there are lots of creative ways to work with the space you have to give your members the best experience possible.  In this post, I’ll go over how and why to organize your classes in order to maximize the space you have.

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Your Website Sucks! Guest post by Bryan Diez

Your Website Sucks

by Brian Diez

Let me get right to the point. The goal of your website is to get new clients to come to your gym. Why? Because once you get them there you know that x out of 10 will sign up for a membership. You need memberships to make money or you’ll be out of business. It’s just that simple.

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How much space does your gym need?

How much space does my CrossFit affiliate need?

When it comes to space for a potential CrossFit box, after where it should be located, the next most common question seems to be how big a space do I need? Should I go with this 1600sgft space? or a 5000sqft space? These are super common questions for new CrossFit Affiliates.

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Merchant Accounts, Accepting Credit Cards and ACH/EFT for CrossFit Affiliates

CrossFit Affiliates and Merchant Accounts

Accepting Credit Cards and ACH/EFT’s (Void Check direct debits) is a huge source of confusion and frustration for new CrossFit affiliates and garage gym owners.  There are literally thousands of merchant account providers, all telling you they offer the best service for the best rates.  Then the gobledygook starts.  Talking to these guys can be a whole different language combined with a ton of legaleaze (so I guess that means you have to figure out 3 languages to really know what’s going on!).

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7 Key Tips for Handling Calls from Potential Clients

7 Key Tips for Handling Calls to your CrossFit Affiliate from Potential Clients

Congratulations, your CrossFit Affiliate or small group training gym is up and running!  You’re getting calls from people every day inquiring about your program – Awesome!  But how you handle these calls really matters.  I read recently on the CrossFit message board that one affiliate was having only 1 in 5 interested people who called him actually come out for a class.  That’s right – less than 20% of HOT prospects (because make no mistake if they called you for info they are most likely a prime prospect) came out for a FREE class.  How many do you think are going to pay you to join if you only get 20% willing to do a CrossFit workout for free?  You need to have a gameplan when someone calls.  Below are 7 highly effective tips for making the most of calls from potential customers:

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The 5 most common CrossFit Affiliate Website mistakes

Top 5 CrossFit affiliate website mistakes:

There are a lot of factors that will determine whether your website is good or great – but if you make any of these mistakes, you are literally throwing away money every day. Check out this list and see if you are even 1 of the 5 most common CrossFit Box website errors.  If you are, a simple change could result in your affiliate getting way more members and making way more money – with less stress!

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Facebook Advertising for CrossFit Affiliates

With over 500M members and vast amounts of demographic data, Facebook is a marketers dream.  The ability to fine tune your audience by geographic region (down to the city) gender, interests, age group, connections with your customers, etc makes targeting ads to your specific group really easy.  For example, rather than posting an ad for general fitness to everyone in Hamilton, for Alchemy CrossFit I was able to set up different ads for different niche markets (Bridal, KettleBells, CrossFit, Runners, etc), and make sure the right people saw the right ads.  Compared to google adwords I’ve found facebook to give a significantly higher ROI.  If your business isn’t using FB ads yet – you should start!