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Is your CrossFit Affiliate a business or a hobby?

It seems like everyone and their dog is opening a CrossFit affiliate now.  They are popping up all over the place – sometimes right beside each other.  Some of these are run by full time coaches and owners, others in a garage after work.  But despite what you think, that’s not what separates a CrossFit hobby from a CrossFit business.

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Is the $3000 CrossFit affiliate fee worth it?

Should you pay the $3000 to CrossFit for the rights to use the CrossFit name for your business?

There has been a lot of discussion on the CrossFit message boards lately about whether or not the $3000 annual affiliation fee is worth it.  To start off with, lets look at what being a CrossFit affiliate really means.

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How to make your CrossFit affiliate into a business not a job

So many affiliate owners I’ve met and talked with share the same story with me; They started their CrossFit box with high hopes of freedom and fun training awesome people and getting super fit in the process.  That dream soon met the reality of cleaning the bathrooms on Sunday night after another super long week – and oh look, someone met pukie in the corner and left a present for you…  They started with a dream of owning a business and a lifestyle and ended up with a poorly paid (although very rewarding) job. Read more

Revenue streams

So you want to know where the money comes from in a CrossFit box?  Is it just memberships, or Personal Training?  What about pro-shops?  There are a lot of possible revenue streams you can (and probably should) develop for your CrossFit affiliate.  Offering only one thing to your clients limits (and endangers) your long term income and potentially the viability of your business.  But there is a fine line between maximizing revenue and maximizing client value. Read more

What can your CrossFit Afiliate learn from Google?

What lessons can one of the biggest most profitable tech companies in the world teach a small local CrossFit affiliate?  Goal setting.  Google and other tech start ups are masters at measuring and quantifying goals and success/failure at achieving them.  In this article, I’m going to introduce the super simple but ultra powerful system that Google uses to measure and track staff and project performance, and how using it at your affiliate will immediately improve your clients experience of you box.

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Managing CrossFit Affiliate Merchant Account Fees

Why worry about Merchant Account fees for your CrossFit Affiliate?

Saving a few percentage points on Merchant account fees might not seem like much when you’re first starting out, but as your CrossFit affiliate continues to grow and expand, little savings on each transaction can end up with a big increase in your cash flow. Read more

How to manage a CrossFit affiliate in a small space

I have a super small space – what should I do!

Don’t panic – there are lots of creative ways to work with the space you have to give your members the best experience possible.  In this post, I’ll go over how and why to organize your classes in order to maximize the space you have.

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