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Creating Facebook ads for your CrossFit affiliate: Step by Step

There are a few per-requisites to running a successful facebook advertising campaign.  You will need a facebook account, a gym facebook fanpage, a website with some form of lead capture (you can use an autoresponder or box management software like RhinoFit for this), a credit card or paypal account, and an understanding of your clients and your numbers like detailed in part 1 of this article.

 STEP 1: Sign into Facebook and click on “Create ads” on the left hand side.

This is under the PAGES sub heading in the left hand navigation column, just above the GROUPS sub heading.

STEP 2: Select the kind of ad you want to run

ook ads for CrossFIt affiliatesSetting up Facebook ads for CrossFIt affiliatesHere is where you will decide what your ad will be doing.  It is cheaper adn easier to get people to do things inside facebook (ie liking your page or commenting on a post, or even joining an event) than it is to get them to go outside of facebook and do something (ie the holy grail of marketing – getting them to opt into your list and give you their contact info.)  For the purposes of this tutorial I will show you how to set them up to go to your website and sign up for your newsletter. So we will select “Website Conversions”. Once you click that you will see the screen like it is in image 2 here.

STEP 3: Set up the website and conversion pixel

ook ads for CrossFIt affiliatesook ads for CrossFIt affiliatesHere you will put in your URL and click continue.  The URL in this case will be the web address of the page that has the free trial sign up form on it.  The conversion pixel you will create will allow you to determine if people have actually signed up for your free trial after clicking the link.  If you have never created a tracking pixel before you will have to click on the plus sign beside where it shows the conversion pixel.  Doing that will bring up a new tab that will take you through creating this pixel.  Those screens look like these two greyed out images.  You will have to cut and paste the ook ads for CrossFIt affiliatesgreen code into the HTML code of the page where your prospects will be directed to once they have successfully completed their registration for your free trial.ook ads for CrossFIt affiliates  After you have created and embeded this pixel you can go back to the original tab where you were creating the ad and select it.  From there you will simply click “Continue”


STEP 4: Choose an image for your CrossFit boxes ad

ook ads for CrossFIt affiliatesIt’s important to use an image that is representative of your box, non-intimidating, but inspiring for your ad.  Brighter images and those which feature smiling faces tend to get better click through.  Bright colors also do very well.  Corporate logos really seem to struggle here.  The less composed and more “real” you can make the image the more it will likely be clicked.

STEP 5: Create your Ad

ook ads for CrossFIt affiliatesHere you create the actual text of the ad you will send out.  Think about what benefits you can provide to your target audience.  Show them why it would help THEM to come and do a free trial at your CrossFit affiliate.  Finish with a call to action – if you can’t fit it in the ad, make sure it is obvious on the page you send them to.

For now you can ignore the “advanced options”

STEP 6: Target your audience

Facebook ads for CrossFit affiliatesThis is the single most important thing you can do with Facebook that no other pay per click advertiser can match.  Here you will target your ideal customer down to the finest details.  This effectively allows you to prequalify people before you even advertise to them.

ook ads for CrossFIt affiliatesIn this example I have targeted down to my city, and used the checkbox for cities within 10 miles.  Depending on how much competition you have in your area and how far people are typically willing to travel to go to a CrossFit affiliate you could leave this unchecked, or change the distance.

Next I’m going to target people who share the interests of my ideal client.  If you don’t know for sure, CrossFit is a safe bet to start. For this demo I chose CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting.

STEP 7: Pick your connections and exclusions

ook ads for CrossFIt affiliatesThis is really part of  step 6 but it can be so powerful I wanted to bring more attention to it.  You can target people who know people who already like your CrossFit affiliates fanpage or are friends of your facebook friends etc.  You can also exclude people who already like your page, since they probably would sign up for your offer without you having to pay to get it in front of them.

STEP 8: Name your campaign and set your budget and terms

ook ads for CrossFIt affiliatesHere you will decide the overall amount you are willing to spend on the campaign per day or in total, and  how long and when the campaign will run.  You want to be careful about how you budget here.  If you budget too low you won’t get enough traffic to be able to tell how well your ad is or is not doing.  If you put to high a budget you can blow a ton of cash with little to show for it.

STEP 9: Set your bid per conversion

ook ads for CrossFIt affiliatesThis will be more than what you would bid per click since in this case you are guaranteed a conversion.  In our theoretical instance we described in part 1 we could afford up to $3.50 per click or $35 per conversion.  I like to bid at around 33% of my max amount to begin.  You will have to experiment a bit to see how many conversions you get – if you’re getting a ton you might be able to drop the price lower, if you aren’t getting any you’ll have to move your bid up.

STEP 10: Place the order

This is the moment of truth =)  click on place order (the green button at the bottom left) and you should see your ads appearing shortly!

That’s it you’ve got it.

Remember if you have more questions about how to grow your CrossFit affiliate I am here to help – send me an email, give me a call or look me up on Facebook =)

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