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Live Big and For the Moment

A lot of people live life scared.  They always want to make sure they make the responsible choice, that they don’t risk too much, that they will be secure.  They are more woried about what could happen than what they will miss out on if they don’t live big.

My dad lived his life and enjoyed it.  He took trips, and engaged in his passion for hiking and the wilderness – but he was always putting off his big trips “Till I retire”  and working like mad to make sure he had enough money to do all these exciting things “When I retire”.  Then in 2000, just a few years from retirement,  he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and given 3 months or so to live.  He was super stubborn and underwent surgery and chemo and fought cancer long enough to do a few of the trips he wanted to – but not in the way he imagined.

Watching this happen to my dad changed my life forever.  You could die or get injured at any moment with no notice no matter how safe and healthy you are – make sure your life counted.  I’ve never heard of anyone saying “I wish I didn’t go on so many trips,” or “I wish I didn’t spend so much time with my family,” or “I really regret not working more hours every week” on their deathbed.

Focus on what you love to do – and what you want out of life.  Ask yourself why it is that you want more money, or a better job, or that fancy car?  is that thing the end, or just a means to the end you envision for yourself?  I know a lot of people want more money, so they work extra hours, and miss out on time with their family – but if you ask them why they want more money they’ll say so they can be financially independent and spend more time with their family…

It’s not that working hard and making sacrifices and decisions isn’t important – I’m just saying make sure you understand why you’re making those decisions and that if you died tomorrow you wouldn’t regret them.